Created under the sign of the bull, Symbol Taurus is Rohan de Rijk’s artistic base camp. Here, the various projects of the writer and NFT artist come together.

The different styles and genres with a common tendency to irritate the psyche of the viewer or reader prove the uniqueness of the exceptional cosmopolitan artist.

Logo Symbol Taurus

Under the pseudonym Rohan de Rijk, thrillers are published that are intended for readers who have an affinity for polished word formations, but who are not afraid to look into the abysses of the human soul, which Rohan de Rijk sketches in his books in a ludicrous manner.

The Theater of Curiosities sees itself as the reincarnation of a 19th century freak show. The artworks are a play of the rapt perception and illogical representation of everyday but erotic objects without leaving the depth of an apparent simplicity.

Code 19/5/24 is divided into 10k, Luxury and The code himself. Here Rohan de Rijk shows a provocative alienation of objects that are strongly oriented towards the libido of humankind. The reduced form of the photographs, but also the exhibits that were created, show a zen-like concentration on the object.